Thursday, December 2, 2010

On realizing you are unable to walk in your new shoes

Selection of relevant thoughts:

Scene: Jewish Girl is sound asleep in her bed, dreaming of online sales and 160k starting salaries. Ironically, bankruptcy class starts at 9:10 this morning.

[alarm sounds]

8:40am: Whaaa? ...meh...I don't need to shower today.

[snooze button]

[...alarm sounds]

8:50am: Whaaa? ...Shoot, I can't shower. I'll just throw some clothes on.


9:25am: Yay for new shoes! Damn, these make my butt look hot!

9:30am: New rule---dressing time is limited to ten minutes on days I do not shower. Now, where are my keys?

9:31am: Ohh, it's nippy today. Better scurry.

9:33am: Man, my block is longer than I remember it.

9:34am: Oh Christ, what is that poking my foot? Is that the ruffle on my shoe? The adorable ruffle that now seems to be made out of plastic resin or sheet metal? How can this be? It was so well behaved in the store! Perhaps if I just push it up a bit like nyah...ah, yes, that's better. Good. Love these shoes.

9:39am: I'm only NOW turning the corner? What's going on here? Why am I walking so---AHHHHHHH [STABBING PAIN THROUGH WHOLE BODY STEMMING FROM FOOT ARCHES]



Mandy said...

Oh my gosh, this is hilarious! I can totally relate! :P

Jewish Girl said...

Hehe, it is a too-common experience for me, unfortunately!!

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