Friday, December 10, 2010

I've got a huge power tool.

After some degree of deliberation (read: Googling "can drills drill through metal?") I decided to purchase a cordless drill to help me with my insane chandelier project (ICP). While a welder might be better suited for the task of uniting pieces of metal, I think I can actually use a drill more often in my every day life. In fact, I just used it an hour ago to install a florescent light under my desk when duck tape failed:

Incidentally, the fact that duct tape was my first mode of installation here may bode poorly for the ICP.

Also, as my father pointed out (in between bouts of laughter at the prospect of my building a chandelier), a welder would require extensive safety equipment, and I'd need to work outside. It's December and this will take me many hours, so that's not happening folks.

The florescent light fixture was a success, but I still need to learn how to use the drill for more advanced projects. (For example, what do those numbers on the rim mean? ...No, really. Please tell me if you know.) I saved money by purchasing a refurbished drill, but it didn't come with a manual (and I can't find one online) so...yeah...this might get interesting.


Dea said...

Good luck with your project!! Also wanted to say that I really like the gray ruffled dress you posted earlier - cuteness!

Jewish Girl said...

Thank you on both counts!!

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