Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm going to make...a chandelier?

I've got a LONG winter break. As in, almost a month long-long. I'm going to need some kind of project aside from the half-marathon training I haven't started yet.

This may sound crazy, but here's one DIY project I'm playing around with:

I want to make a chandelier!

Is this totally insane? I think it might be 65-70% insane, which is a completely manageable percentage. Chandelier-making is some kind of hobby, right? People do this? That's what Home Depot is for, right? Wires and lights and teacup chandeliers?

This chandelier retails for $1,800 at I think I can make a version of this on the cheap with hardware from Home Depot (or the like) and tea stuff from Salvation Army (or the like). My cost estimate for this project is $150, including any tool-like equipment I may need to buy.

Really, I need something to occupy my time on the internet that does not involve online shopping. I like the idea of researching chandelier-making and then working with my hands on a project during my downtime. The only piece of equipment I may need that I don't have is a welder. Online shopping for a welder is okay. Not that online shopping is off-limits. That's just 100% crazy.

I'm tagging this post "Insane Chandelier Project." Hopefully, there will be more than one entry under this tag.


celia said...

This looks soooooo awesome. If you are working on it in NY I'd love to see progress...

Mandy said...

Girl, that's an AWESOME idea! I'm in the market for a chandelier myself ... one that's not $1800. If I could make one, even better! Seriously, you should post pictures if this takes off. :)

Jewish Girl said...

Thanks, ladies. I don't know why, but for some reason the project seems completely doable. I would also love to describe myself as an amateur chandelier-maker. :-)

I'll definitely update with preparation and progress posts as I get started!

Katie said...

Fish's Eddy has 99 cent teacups right now!!!

Jewish Girl said...

Oooh, intriguing! I checked out their website but couldn't find the sale teacups. (never heard of this company before, but they have cute stuff!)

I think I still may end up thrifting them, though. I suspect I may be able to find a wider variety of shapes, patterns, and colors that way.

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