Saturday, December 4, 2010

"If you think you'll have more time to run tomorrow, remember, you said that yesterday." - Nike ad

It's Saturday morning. I'm up inexplicably early. I'm staring at my Bankruptcy textbook, from which I should be creating a course outline for my upcoming final exam...but instead I'm sipping coffee, reading blogs and looking at pretty things online. Still, there's one thing I can't quite get out of my head:

My half-marathon training schedule. I'm supposed to run seven miles today.

That's somewhat laughable, since I should have been running for the last three weeks, too, but...well...I haven't.

It rarely ceases to amaze me how quickly I can shift from physical fitness and near-daily exercise to absolute couch potato-dom. I literally have not been on a run in three weeks; my fitness is deteriorating by the day, and my inertia is cemented by the litany of easy excuses that come quickly to mind in December.

It's cold. I have finals. It's cold.

Lack of exercise makes me sluggish, which makes me resist the prospect of exercise, which in turn causes me to lose fitness, which makes my runs harder, which makes me resist them for a totally different reason.

The way this post SHOULD end is with me coming to the realization that I have to "Just Do It," as Nike encourages, and go out for a run. End the cycle today. It will be beautiful. I know that's what I SHOULD do.

But what I'm actually going to do is finish my coffee, start my bankruptcy outline, and swear that I will resume the training plan on Monday.

I am becoming concerned that I will not be able to meet what should be the utterly attainable goal of my Disney-provided running plan:


Sara said...

Maybe you could harness your love of online shopping for good here and start bribing yourself: for every X amount of training you complete, you get a new Y piece of cold-weather running attire.

Jewish Girl said...

Oooh, that's pretty good. I'd be concerned about my ability to restrict online shopping unless x miles were completed, but ADDING online shopping could definitely work.

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