Sunday, December 12, 2010

I want to give you about $10 worth of holiday cheer.

I really like the "gift ideas" posts I've been seeing across the blogosphere lately (see, e.g., Roxy and Sara, so I thought I'd chime in with a few ideas of my own. Today, I'm focusing on the ~$10 market. Do you like someone just a little bit? Do you have a secret Santa price limit? Do you need a holiday party hostess gift? Read on.

Facebook "Like" Stickers
$12, including tax and shipping. Buy them here before Facebook sues for copyright infringement.

These may be the most unique of the "About $10" market. These come from the creative mind of Hagan Blount over at (I make a video appearance on his blog, pre-weight loss, here). Hagan is a friend of my boyfriend's, and he introduced us to these stickers during a night on the town a few months ago. I was skeptical of their use at first, but then I realized the genius...How many times have you wished you could "like" something in real life? Answer: All the time. Problem solved!

These stickers can go everywhere (as evidenced by the chihuahua). I think these also have a lot of potential to pick people up in bars; what better ice breaker than to walk up to the apple of your eye and stick a big "Like" sticker on them? You can even get people to compete for your affection by reserving the biggest sticker for the guy or gal who buys you the most drinks. Make them earn it, folks! The stickers practically pay for themselves.

Crabtree & Evelyn Gardener's Hand Therapy Cream
$10, plus tax and shipping. Buy it here.

My incredibly classy friend Shari gave me this hand cream as a hostess gift during my Mad Men/10% Weight Loss party last year. I don't think I was effusive enough in my thanks at that point, because I had not yet realized how fully awesome this product is. It is SO thick and rich, and it is absolutely perfect for replenishing hand moisture after, say, doing lots of dishes in the wake of a Mad Men-themed party. It was the perfect hostess gift because I realized how much I needed (and loved) it while fulfilling my hostess duties.

Bottle Openers that Look Like Something Else

A bottle opener is the type of thing that you really want to have on hand, but it just looks kind of tacky to have one dangling from your keychain or magnet-ed to your fridge. Here are a few other options:

By SuckUK. Available from Amazon ($13.89 with free two-day prime shipping) or ("purveyors of curiously awesome products" - $9.95 + about $3 shipping)

Castle Key Bottle Opener, $12 at Anthro (note that this key opener opens bottles at the top, while the SuckUK one opens keys from the teeth)

Seat-of-Honor bottle opener, $12 at Anthro. This is a really cute place to seat my novelty wine cork:

Similar here, here, and a holiday version here.


Mandy said...

Hahaha love the wine cork!

Jewish Girl said...

Teehee, me too. It's even funnier after a few glasses of wine. ;-)

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