Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free Shopping Party!

In one of those simultaneous mind-melding moments that sometimes occurs among friends who share an interest, tonight I held a clothing swap party with two of my law school friends---both avid shoppers and oft-bargain hunters. The foundation was simple: we all like new things; we all have old things we no longer wear. Why not clean our closets, bring our unwanted clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. to one place so we can pick through them and take home some new stuff. Our poor credit cards need a rest, we figured. (mine is preparing for the Leifsdottir sample sale tomorrow.) (You can read about it here!)

Having any kind of gathering among law students in the week before finals is a mistake if participation is your goal, but we had a lot of fun anyway...and I walked away with a dress, a cardigan, a great pair of jeans, and a few tops!

This party was so easy to organize and was a great excuse to gather with your girlfriends and try on clothes. We'll definitely have another one in the spring!

I made cupcakes that looked like spaghetti and meatballs! For the story of how I wound up covered in frosting and running to the grocery store for backup canisters, see here.

Photo courtesy of my buddy over at Cookbook Archaeology, who made these fabulous Bourbon Balls. You should read her recipe and make them yourself, because they were AWESOME.

Some of the goods.

Hooray for clothes! The Cookbook Archaeologist experiments with a headscarf.

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