Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Epic-est Comeback in Poker History

[Disclaimer: This Jewish Girl likes clothes, but she also likes poker. These poker posts assume some knowledge of poker. If you came here because you too like clothes, but you've never played before and have a question about a term I've used---or what I'm talking about in general---feel free to ask about it in the comments!]

I don't know if I will ever top this:

On Wednesday, the law school card club held its "Tournament of Champions" (TOC), featuring the top ten players from the semester's season. I was ranked #1 coming into the game, but within about an hour and half I'd made several poor plays culminating in a terrible call for almost all my chips in the big blind, leaving me with only sixty cents (out of a $20 chip stack) and blinds at $1.50/$3. I'm automatically all in on the next hand, my small blind, and the entire table (including me) starts laughing and joking about how I have mere moments to nitpick everyone about acting quickly/announcing raises/ceasing table talk before my semester of poker is done.

One caller in late position, me, and the big blind. I don't even bother to look at my hand. The flop is 447, and I am immediately feeling great about my chances on this garbage flop. I have a strong feeling that I have junk, and this is a great junk board. BB checks, and late position min bets and chases out BB for the sidepot. Turn is a 2 and river is a 5. Late position shows a KJ, and I turn over my hand for the first time: 75. Two pair! I triple up! $1.80. Incidentally, blinds also go up to $2/$4, basically negating the value of my triple up. A few hands later I get K10 suited in middle position with folds to me, and I push all in. Folds around to the blinds, who both call me (my all in is less than the little blind). Flop is all middle/low cards. Turn is a 10. River is another middle card. BB has KQ, LB folds, and I triple up again with my K10. [note: BB killed my pocket kings early in the tournament when he flopped Broadway with K10, so this was only fitting]

I've got $5.40 now. I get junk all the way around the table until it's my big blind. I'm in for $4, and again I don't bother to look at my hand before I put my last $1.40 in behind the blind, with two others (middle position and little blind) in the pot. Both, obviously, call. The board is a random smattering of cards - some middling stuff and a queen - and both guys check it down. After the final check, middle position shows KQ and LB folds. I turn over my cards for the first time - 22! A pair of twos holds up! I triple up AGAIN to $16.20. At this point, all laughing and joking at the table has ceased as people realize that I now have a threatening chip stack and I may actually win the tournament.

I have one huge suckout after that---I defend my big blind against an all in (for all but ten cents of my chips) and I'm dominated with A3 v. A7. But the flop is A63, turn is a 6, and the river is an 8, giving us both two pair with an ace kicker. I was bummed to split the pot after flopping two pair, but considering I was CRUSHED going into the flop I can't be too disappointed.

From there, I won several big coin flips to put me in a 2:1 chip lead going into heads up play. I think I'd won the moral victory at this point after rallying back from sixty cents, and it felt like I'd won the heart and mind of my opponent, too. Several limped pots were checked all the way down to the river, and I took them down with a high card. After about ten minutes, I pushed all in with AJ suited and my opponent called with K3 of a different suit. We both hit our low pair, but my jacks held to clinch me the title! The table had a great time trying to calculate the exponential odds of my winning all my coin flips from sixty cents onward.

It's one thing to read about "A Chip and a Chair," but it's WAY more fun to live it!


Eric said...

Incidentally, this is the only way that I win tournaments on Full Tilt. Awesome!

Jewish Girl said...


...all in enterprises!

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