Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Anthropologie Tag Sale Starts Today

It's time to head over to Anthropologie for the semi-annual Tag Sale! As Roxy mentioned on her blog, the Tag Sale is Anthro's biggest sale of the year. It happens twice, but the most markdowns generally happen in December.

This year, there are TONS of shoes on sale! Had to resist these cute yellow shoes; while I do need a yellow pair, I don't think it's this yellow pair. I did an admirable job resisting boots, but I could not resist it all. Here are some of my sale grabs:

Anticipation Heels (now mostly sold out online, but still available in stores)

Linnaean Pumps (here)

Slinking Frills Pumps (here)

Stockholm Floral Apron (available in black or blue)

I also scored a few dresses, some shirts, a blazer, booties, socks, a skirt...ack. The list, unfortunately, goes on. My super is going to hate me when these packages get delivered (two different orders being sent in four shipments = lots of boxes for him to handle).

Still, I must admit that I was surprised there were not more second cuts and that the 25% discount did not increase from last week. It worked out fine for me, since I already redeemed my one-time-only price adjustments at the 25% off rate.

So, how did the sale work out for you guys? Do you think we'll see even more discounts after Christmas?

PS: I also may have visited the Kate Spade website. And it was such hard work resisting all of the pretty dresses that I thought I deserved a tote bag. ...It was on sale!

Fabulous or hideous? I think a little of both.


Kelly said...

I got the slinking frills pumps, too! No regrets for the price...they look pretty versatile. I also got the prized rose peep-toes instead of the anticipation heels...it was tough having to choose between those two. I also got the lighted walk dress,which sadly, still wound up being $150, but it was way out of my range before so at least the sale and 25% discount made the dress just the price of a normal dress (by anthro standards). I also got a PA on the Lucillae dress and the Peppered & striped skirt. Overall, I spent more than I had planned, but I didn't buy anything solely b/c it was a popular item, which was a step up for me.

I'm kinda bummed, though, that 2 of my must-haves didn't make the cut even though they're about due for a sale. The extra 25% off would've come in really handy.

Also, I'm kinda digging the tote bag you got...I mean, it's def the cutest metallic purple bag you're likely to find! haha

Jewish Girl said...

I'm super-excited about the frill shoes. I hope they fit...I ordered a half-size down but didn't get two sizes as I usually do. I may end up returning the Linnaean pumps, since they seem like a similar shape and color as the frills. We'll see.

Hooray for those PAs! The peppered and striped skirt is a nice sale buy. Not buying anything solely because of popularity is definitely a victory. I am still not able to resist the initial pull of peer pressure, but I often return things once I look at them with an objective eye. Which are your two must-haves?

I like having a tote bag - they really do come in handy. It just has the potential to be totally garish in person. I figure that if I hate the bag, I can always post it on ebay once it sells out!

Kelly said...

My two must-haves are the Shoelace Collar Coat and the Antique luster wrap blouse. The blouse I tried on in store and loved it. The coat I haven't seen in store, but the problem w/ it is that I live in Los Angeles and already own way more coats than I'll ever need (I find myself justifying them not by saying I'll get a ton of use out of them, but by reasoning that I'll get so little use out of them that they'll last for years. I kid you not, that's how I've justified every coat I own...)

What things are on your wishlist? Also, I didn't even see the Linnaean pumps until you posted the picture, and now I'm wishing I had ordered them, too. My bank account already has gone down in a flaming blaze of glory today, though, so I'm gonna resist temptation to call CS. ahahaha

Laura said...

Oh! I almost grabbed the Anticipation Heels. I can't stay away from Miss Albright. I did manage to get my Loose Reins Boots by Miss Albright with LC's help. Also Miss Albrights Prized Rose Peep Toes. And another pair of Miss Albright's last week. the Blue Period Slip-Ons not on sale. And at least 3 or 4 outfits. Both colors for the Easy Keeper Skirt too. I had a blast. I love the Purple Kate Tote. But it's probably the color and the fabric that attract. You would think they could do a little more than a square bag with handles.

Laura said...

I'm with Kelly! Waiting for the Shoe Lace Collar coat by T Reese even though I too live in CA and it's not that cold.

I would have ordered the Anticipation Heels if I hadn't already gotten Messeca's Honor Guard Booties in a very similar color last week. Then there were the 3 pairs of Miss Albrights I ordered this week including the Loose Rein Boots LC found for me. And both Easy Keeper Skirts. And a whole lot more.

I was saved up for this sale, and had a big Anthro credit. The bank is now broke.

Love the Purple color of the Tote. But a square with handles isn't my cup of tea. You would think Kate could be more creative.

Laura said...

Opps! Funny! I thought blogger had eaten comment one. Had to re-do! He-he! what's funny is the Word Verification never even came up. Google is a pain. I've been using Chrome for my browser and it's filled with bugs. But it's lightening fast unless you are loading images.

Jewish Girl said...

Kelly: Wow, that blouse is just breathtaking. I've seen that coat in stores and like it...seems like it's actually a *practical* coat, too in that it has full sleeves. Maybe less so if you live in LA. hehe. I am going to need to take a long, hard look at my shoe collection, since I don't have room for many more but I've been holding onto a few pairs that are past their prime. A few things on my wishlist went on sale this week---the Anticipation heels and the Attention to Detail dress. The rest of my wishlist is mostly filled with pretty things that look promising but that I haven't tried on yet. I have high hopes for the Sing Sweetly Party Dress and the Seaside Fields Dress (in the blue motif). I also really want to try on the Peggy Sue Dress, City Spectator Wedges, and the Primula Corset Top. I tend to resist trying things on at full price to avoid the temptation of buying it, but then I sometimes waste time ordering/returning these things online when they don't meet my expectations.

Laura: I only have the Rensellaer T-Straps of Miss Albright's, but I simply adore those shoes. I commented on your blog post about the loose reins boots---I'm really excited for you! I was eying those SO hard and almost bought them, but talked myself out of it. I have a feeling I will regret that decision once I see you post pictures with them! Sounds like you ended up with a great haul! Like you, I also picked up the orange colorway in the easy keeper skirt (I fear I may have sized up incorrectly, but high-waisted Tracy Reese skirts seem to run so small on me). The only reason I didn't get the brown is that a friend of mine already has it (and it's stellar! I'm sure you knew that already :-) ) I wanted to get a few shirts, too, but without knowing how they fit I didn't want to stab around in the dark and order things willy-nilly. I take my last final exam tomorrow (Wednesday), and a friend and I are heading to Anthro as soon as we are done! I've got a bunch of returns so I won't feel quite so naughty. Gonna need to budget hard after XMas, tho. And I agree with you on the Kate Spade tote...it's definitely the color that drew me to the bag and not the shape (although the functionality of a big tote cannot be overlooked)! For the price, I don't mind simplicity in the design. I'm on Chrome too and the bugs are driving me nuts. I love the browser/search bar functionality, though.

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