Monday, December 13, 2010

And the disappointed Googlers for this week are... (plus an OOTD)

In my attempt to spend as few productive hours as possible actually studying for final exams, I have become enamored with blogger's "stats" feature. Here, you can check the number of page views of your site by day, hour, week, etc., and you can see the various websites that refer readers to your page.

The best part, though, is a rundown of the search keywords that have led people from google to your page. As I mentioned last week, a few unfortunate individuals arrived here hoping for something else.

Well, the results have gotten more awesome and I just can't resist sharing a few more with you.

This Week's Most Hilarious Googlers:

crazy jewish stuff - leads you here
"jewish girls" money - this could link to every page on my blog, but the text comes from here
jewish girls peeing - god, there really is a fetish for everything. here

and my personal favorite..."girls in wonka blueberry costumes" - here

If things continue at this rate, I might have to do this every week.

Oh, and also, I got completely torn apart by my first final exam for the semester, but at least I was wearing an appropriately themed shirt:

Typewriters! (Our law school exams are computerized. Get it?)

Grrrr, why were you so HARD, Antitrust final? Why do you lack a proper index, Antitrust casebook?

Shirt: Porridge Keeping Tabs Tee
Cardigan: Lia Molly Coin Purse Cardigan (see where the name comes from here)
Pants: Joe's Best Friend Jeans
Shoes: Vintage, from Buffalo Exchange
Socks: Anthro Shiny Stripes Socks (copper color)
Necklace: Anthro Secret Key Necklace
Bracelet: J.Crew Factory Blakely Bling Bracelet (pale Cider color, here)
Earrings: Anthro Bright Bulb Posts (mint color)
Textbook: The depths of hell.


Mich said...

A fellow law student/fashion blogger?! Awesome! Good luck on your finals! I'm also a little obsessed with the search terms part of the site stats. None of it is quite as much fun as yours, though. Sounds like you've got some interesting readers.

Kelly said...

I'm a law student, too, and finals are killing me! I seem to have become ADD this past week. I only have one more final on Friday, and this is what I did today: took tax final, cried inside after tax final, went to lunch w/ friends, looked at engagement rings on Tiffany website (despite the fact I don't even have a boyfriend right now), took a nap, fervently have been checking the effortless anthro site for news about the sale tonight, watched the Dexter finale from last night, ate junk food, keep looking at the effortless anthro site, go to anthro website to narrow my wishlist and rank items I want in preparation for the sale.

I hope I don't fail evidence on Friday.

Also, your description of the Shopping Zone from your previous post is so hilarious!!!!!!

Jewish Girl said...

Mich: Thanks! I've asked a few other bloggers whether I should be a bit more careful about the language I use so as not to invite these bizarre searches, but at least it makes for fun reading. :-)

Kelly: Thanks! And LOL, you have basically described my life at the moment. I love the looking at rings despite not having a boyfriend. I read the boards at "The Knot" sometimes even though I'm *waaaay* far away from that point. Tax crushed my least you didn't cry on the outside, too. Kinda lame sale this week, huh? Hoping that's because next week's tag sale is gonna be great. Good luck with evidence...after tax, I doubt it'll be as miserable...

frugalanthropologie said...

I love both your shirt and cardi. I do own keeping tabs tee and just wore them so many times during summer months! Also the cutest coin purse cardi was on my wishlist but it was way out of my comfort price range. Looks great on you though,


Jewish Girl said...

I've gotten a lot more use out of the tee than I thought...It's got such a crazy pattern, but it seems to go with a lot of stuff. I'm with you on the cardi, was out of my comfort range, too, but I was willing to make an exception because it was so one-of-a-kind. Darn you, Lia Molly, and your impossibly cute stuff!

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