Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cyber Regret

Now that Cyber Monday is decidedly over, I've realized I absolutely need a bunch of things that were on sale yesterday (but are no longer).

Guess these will have to wait until December 26...

Countertop Wine Cooler/Cellar
Spotted for ~$40

Did you know that wines age best when they are kept at a constant, cool temperature? This is especially true for red wines, which are more vulnerable to temperature changes than white wines. Even more, wine bottles need to be kept away from direct light sources, as light can cause wine to break down faster. As if all THAT wasn't enough, small vibrations from movement aren't good for wine, either! (Wine is fragile, apparently)

I'm slowly becoming obsessed with getting into wine.woot.com. There are enough multi-bottle wine deals to appeal to my desire to be the type of person who can identify chocolate and leather notes in her merlot. Allowing my purchases to age properly means I don't have to drink four bottles all at once, which is a good thing for all of us. I'm even kind of saving money, in a sense.

Laser Printer
Will pay <$100

My Samsung stopped working over the summer to protest being moved from NYC to DC to Philly to NYC.

Now, admittedly, there may be an issue with the driver, and it may be fixable...but I've spent hours attempting a repair and haven't made any progress.

For the right price, we may see some capitalistic magic happen.

42" or Bigger HDTV
Spotted for less than $600 on various sites

Wah, I want. My current TV is an old, square CRT that has a slightly purple stain in the corner. I can't complain too much since it was given to me for free---but it was given to me for free, so that should give you some sense of the quality here.

Unfortunately, the HDTV purchase may have to wait for a bit longer than December. I'm moving from NYC to DC in May and I'd fear for the safety of the TV. I also don't quite understand the difference between LCD, Plasma, and various resolutions/pixels/whatever. I'm relegating myself to cyber-wallflowerdom until I figure out the technical specs.

Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker
Spotted for $20 on Amazon

I mean, come on. Does this one even require explanation?

Also in the category of "random kitchen gadgets," I'll be looking for an ice cream maker, a roasting pan, and perhaps a grind & brew coffee maker. (Reviews seem to suggest that cleanup is complicated for this last one)

...So, did you pick up anything nifty on Black Friday/Cyber Monday? My haul included a few pieces of clothing, an electric griddle, a computer monitor, and a few (okay, seven) bottles of wine.

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