Friday, May 7, 2010

Ahhh, New York City.

FYI: There are a LOT of image results for "peeing outside."

This morning, I was jogging along riverside park for a two mile run when I saw a man leaning against a tree, facing away from the sidewalk towards the river.

My first thought was, “Ew, gross, I can’t believe that guy is just peeing right out here in the open at 8:30am. I mean, THE SUN IS UP for Pete’s sake.”

Then I realized, wait a’s a beautiful day...the weather is perfect...this guy is just standing in the leaves and admiring this beautiful view of the Hudson River.

I looked out over the river and realized that yes, it was a very pretty view. It WAS a beautiful day...and I’d just been jogging along, kind of oblivious to the beauty around me. How had I failed to take stock of this wonderful miracle that---in the middle of the concrete metropolis that is NYC---there are still green and shady spaces that look out over the cool water, where you can feel the breeze kissing your face? How jaded had I become?

Then I looked again and realized...wait a minute...yeah, that guy really IS peeing out here in the open at 8:30am.

But it was STILL a beautiful view.

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