Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weigh-In Number 5

Wow, I didn’t realize that I hadn’t posted in this portion of the blog since my gain last week (or, semi-gain, if you account for the 1/2 pound loss on the home scale).

Tonight is my fifth weigh-in. I’m down a pound from last week’s home scale number. I’m trying not to drink soda or have much salt today so I don’t retain water---I want that loss to show! I’m gonna have to come up with some kind of unified standard for weigh-in day. I’m thinking: clothes(T-shirt, jeans, belt); food during the day (nothing to eat or drink within an hour of the meeting, no soda during the day); generally avoid foods with lots of added salt.

The things that helped me deal with the minor disappointment of last week’s gain include:
  • Focusing on the program. I tracked EVERYTHING, I overestimated in restaurants (I added presumptive butter or olive oil points to all of my meals). Whenever I had a sandwich or other kind of combo food, I used the “recipe builder” e-tool to come up with the cumulative point value for my food (which was generally one point more than the component parts).

  • Reading the online WW message boards. I only did this for a day, but one of the women on the boards said something about how she’s been with WW for three years, and she often sees people quit after 3-6 weeks. She says these people are the ones who are overachieving perfectionists who get discouraged with their progress and leave the program. I was never thinking about quitting, but I could see my own personality traits reflected in that comment. I am definitely an overachiever, and I did feel discouraged by the small setback of gaining a pound.

  • I cut back my restaurant patronage. It’s just harder to know what you’re eating, and you KNOW they’re using more butter and oil than you would at home. Unfortunately, I don’t always have the option to cook for myself---visiting my boyfriend in D.C. is often a restaurant-fest---but since I could this week, I did.

  • I didn’t weigh myself every day. I’ll admit, after the gain I weighed myself again on Thursday. And then again on Friday. And I was not liking what I saw. Finally, I just gave up on seeing the numbers drop overnight and focused on making good choices for the rest of the week. From now on, I’m only allowing myself one weigh-in a week, and that’s for purely statistical purposes.
I’ll let you know how it goes. It’s been good to have the home scale measure. If I stay OP, eventually, the WW scale will catch up.

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