Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Starbucks Test

I was talking through my website idea with a law school friend of mine, and he practically fell out of his chair when I told him the title.

“Stuff Jewish Girls Like? Are you kidding me?”

What’s the problem? I thought it was a pretty good name. I am Jew(ish) after all--certainly culturally so---and in any case, it seemed catchy.

My friend remained skeptical. He asked me, “What do you order at Starbucks?” I told him: medium drip coffee. I had a little half & half and some splenda.

With this, he said, I failed the Jew test. According to him, you can walk into most Starbucks places in New York and ask for something called a “Long Island,” which gets you a grande half-caff skinny mocha cappuccino extra foam and sugar-free syrup or something equally absurd along those lines. This, he says, is what the Jewish girls get. This, he says, is why I’m not a Jewish girl.

The thing is, he has a point in a lot of ways. I don’t think I share interests with many Jewish girls. I only recently got my first credit card and I don’t enjoy spending money (this may be more of a Jewish male trait). I do like shopping, and I like cooking, but I also love poker and am probably somewhat below the mean when it comes to being emasculating.

Beyond the superficial and somewhat tongue-in-cheek stereotypes---I often speak in faux-stereotype, much to the dismay of my mother---I’m struggling to figure out where my religion fits into my life at this point. I hope to write some more entries about this as time goes on---frankly, while it’s an important struggle, it generally takes up less of my mental space than other topics.

Still, the title of the site remains on the page. It also remains somewhat of a misnomer; I am a Jewish girl by nature, but the stuff I like isn’t always.

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