Thursday, October 1, 2009

I don't diet.

I don’t play sports, either. I used to run a lot---I ran my first marathon in January---but not so much anymore.

Naturally, this has created a bit of a problem.

The situation is not exactly THAT serious.

Still, I have been steadily gaining a few pounds since starting college. I came to realize that those few harmless pounds would become a life-threatening problem within five or ten years if I didn’t act now to turn back the damage and learn better habits.

Roissy recently pointed out---in his own special way---that eating one Krispy Kreme donut a week, if you change nothing else about your life or the way you eat, will cause you to gain five pounds every year. This absolutely blows my mind. FIVE POUNDS a YEAR! From ONE 200 calorie donut a WEEK.

To me, this absolutely epitomizes my problem. It’s too easy for me to live a sedentary life, and on top of that I absolutely love the foods that are horrible for my body. You know it’s a bad sign when you read a list of the top ten worst appetizers in America and you recognize all of your restaurant favorites. Outback Steakhouse Aussie Cheese Fries and I go waaaay back.

So I joined Weight Watchers.

This is sort of a low-value thing to admit, but I’m sharing it anyway because I’m absolutely loving the program, and any future entries about food or dieting will be infused with language about daily points, weekly points, and activity points.

My favorite thing about WW has been (and this is bad) the fact that I can eat cheese fries. I love food way too much to give up my favorites entirely while on a “diet.” I love the idea that at any given moment, I can eat whatever I want---I just can’t cumulatively eat whatever I want at every given moment. This isn’t what I was doing before, of course, but I certainly wasn’t cutting much food (or exercising more) to make room for my proverbial weekly Krispy Kreme.

I’ve been on the program for three weeks and have lost weight every week, despite going out to restaurants on many nights (and yes, eating cheese fries). As I continue my hobby of cooking in my new lifestyle, my recipes may reflect the new choices I’m making: I can either use whole milk to make my dessert, or I can use skim and then I eat more of it. :-)

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